A relatively new world religion, the Baha'i faith attempts to unite all humanity in the
belief that there is only one God.
It began when a young man announced that a new messenger of God would appear.
Unfortunately this announcement was made in Iran a very Muslim state,
and the young prophet Bab was executed along with thousands of his followers.
One of his followers, a member of a wealthy family was banished to Iraq and
eventually imprisoned.
While imprisoned he realized that he was the messiah that his former leader was
speaking of. While in prison Bahá'u'lláh which means Glory of God spread his
inspirational message to his followers through extensive correspondence. After his
death in 1892 his successor took the faith to other parts of the world as a missionary.
The Baha'i faith has it's roots in Islam as they believe in one God but rejects some of
the teachings of Muhammad such as the practice of polygamy and slavery.

The Bahais principals are summed up as:
  1. The end of prejudice
  2. Equality for women
  3. Acceptance of the relativity and unity of spiritual truth
  4. Just distribution of wealth
  5. Universal education
  6. An individual's responsibility to seek the truth
  7. The development of a world federation
  8. Harmony of science and true religion.

Bahá'u'lláh led a group of people in a time where the present religion of Islam seemed
to stagnate. A new modern world seemed to beckon on the horizon and a new
prophet would lead the way to unite mankind.
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