With Hinduism you can have whatever you want. If you want to live a hedonistic lifestyle Hinduism will show
you a way to live it without hurting yourself or others.
If you want to dedicate your life to worldly successes Hinduism will show you the way to do so within
If all you want to do is your responsible duty to your neighbors, go ahead and do it. If what you want is
liberation you can be shown the way. Hinduism is a very complex and thought out religion that essentially
gives an answer for any question that you might have about your life. With each answer Hinduism gives a
reason and a possibility of strengthening your understanding of the answer. In Hinduism, the human spirit
and God live in the same place but are separate. The goal is to unite the two spirits through a series of
yoga that include not lying, not stealing, self control, cleanliness, contentment, self discipline and a desire
to reach the goal. There are many different ways to reach the God inside you just as there are many ways
to undertake any journey. Some are easy and some are difficult and take a long time to accomplish. A path
is designed for each of four personality types.

Jnana yoga is for people who are reflective and seek knowledge find their divinity through rationality and
Bhakti yoga is the path to God through love and devoted service. It insists on God's otherness and teaches
love of God through adoration.
Karma yoga is the path to God through work. Be productive and strive to work towards high rewards and
work unselfishly.
Raja yoga is known as the path to reintegration, a way to God through psychophysical experiments.
Self-searching could be one way of describing Raja Yoga. Looking inward to discern the humanness from
the Godness and bringing them together. It involves meditation and self discipline.
Hinduism has been practiced for thousands of years and has developed philosophies that include
everybody in every walk of life. It is thorough without a doubt but it seems too strictured even though it
claims to be flexible. Hinduism has relegated everything into categories and everyone falls into more than
one category because people are different and can't all be one personality type. Each category is like a
roadmap to help you find the right path to God. You may be on the correct road but at the wrong time.

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